6 Unique Places Massage Therapists Work

They seem to be as common as a Chipotle or Great Clips. Massage therapy franchises are popping up like daisies which means more jobs for those pursuing careers in massage therapy. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 23 percent growth in massage therapy jobs from 2012 to 2022. That’s much faster than average.

But if you’re looking for adventure and want to live on the edge, there are plenty of interesting places massage therapists can put their hands to work.  We did some research and found six unique locations that hire massage therapists. Scroll down and take a look.


salt caves massage therapy

Source: Salt Cave Santa Barbara

Salt Cave Santa Barbara

Location: Santa Barbara, California

Want to be a cave man or woman? The Salt Cave Santa Barbara is considered the largest salt cave in North America. It specializes in halotherapy, exposing clients to mineral-rich air while experiencing a massage. According to its website, the two cave rooms are built from 100 percent rock salt. The rock comes from the Himalayan Mountain foothills. Along with the typical Swedish and deep tissue massages, they offer therapeutic and maternity massages to help clients relieve from aches and pains. If you haven’t worked with Himalayan salt before, here’s your chance. The salt scrub and massage is all about restoring youth and vitality.


Source: Blue Lagoon Iceland

Source: Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Location: Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland is recognized as one of National Geographic’s “25 Wonders of the World.” Here, massage therapy takes place in geothermal seawater called Blue Lagoon, known for its healing effects and active ingredients like minerals, silica and algae. All massage therapy treatments are based on those ingredients. Signature treatments include silica wrap combined with body and face massage. It all happens in the lagoon. Massage clients include everyone from children (ages 6-11) to mothers-to-be and those seeking relaxation and relief.


Evason Ma’In Hot Springs

Location: Madaba, Jordan

At Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, massage therapists work beneath a natural hot spring waterfall at Six Senses Spa. Clients come for the beautiful scene, relaxation and the mineral-rich waters. Massage therapies include sports massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone therapy, along with ones you may not have heard of like the Bukhoor balance massage and Zeytoun massage. It’s all about renewing the body and soul, enhancing the energy flows of the body and muscle tension relaxation. There are ten treatment rooms and a steam cave. On its career page, the job title “therapist” requires massage therapy certification from an accredited school and at least one year of experience in the spa or wellness industry.


Burj Al Arab Jumeirahburj al arab spa massage therapy

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Talk about luxurious. Burj Al Arab’s Talise Spa looks like a castle. It’s perched 150 meters above the Arabian Gulf. There are two floors, one for men and one for women. The infinity pools, Jacuzzi and treatment rooms overlook the ocean. Massage therapists will use a variety of massage therapy techniques like Swedish, Balinese, Thai, pre- or post-natal, foot reflexology and tension relief back massage. On its career page, it says spa therapists must have internationally recognized spa therapy qualifications and certifications or a diploma in a related studies. Perks include housing, a vacation ticket allowance equivalent to a return ticket to your home country every year, regular benefits, laundry, meals and transportation.


cruise ship massage therapyCruise Ship

Sail the seven seas on a cruise ship as a massage therapist. Most cruise ships come with a beauty salon and spa, which means you’ll meet clients from all walks of life. Your days will likely be busy since most clients are on a cruise with the sole purpose of relaxing and vacationing. According to cruiseshipjobs.com, massage therapist candidates in North America must hold a license in massage therapy or a diploma in Swedish massage with Anatomy and Physiology. Any additional technique qualifications like aromatherapy, Reiki healing or sports therapy is a plus. Like any other team member on a cruise ship, massage therapists get free housing and food as part of the deal. On days off, workers can go ashore to tour all sorts of islands and ports.


On-call Massage Therapists

Be your own boss without paying for the cost of a facility. As an on-call massage therapist, your location changes from client to client which creates an interesting work environment. Massage therapists typically charge by the hour and miles. Since some people with disabilities or special needs can’t make it out to a spa, this is an opportunity to work with a unique community like the elderly and people with disabilities.  Because “massage parties” are becoming more and more popular through baby showers and birthdays, you’ll be able to network and build a larger client base. Of course, you may have to carry your own massage table that’s suitable for traveling.


Additional Places:

Movie sets, pro sports teams, theater companies, musicians, orchestras, dance troupes, hospitals