Ask These 7 Questions to Find the Perfect Massage Job

Massage therapy degree, Brett KammererUpon graduating with honors with a massage therapy degree, Brett Kammerer went on a quest to find the perfect fit for his massage therapy career.  He left school with a job offer from his externship. He was off and running!

As he began his career as a licensed massage therapist, Brett soon realized that this spa was good place but it was not his perfect fit. Before finding the place that fit him, he interviewed at five different places in a variety of settings: a spa, chiropractic facility, athletic club and a clinical health care facility. You may be wondering what he learned on his quest.

Here are some questions Brett suggests to ask to find a perfect massage job:

  • Is the position an independent contractor or employee?
  • What are the expectations for being on the premises: the entire time you are scheduled or only when massage is scheduled?
  • Are you being paid hourly, per massage, a percentage or both?
  • What equipment do you need to provide?
  • Must you use a particular lubrication for the massages?
  • Is there a continuing education requirement and does the employer help pay for it?
  • How does the employer handle client no shows/cancellations?

Also, Brett shares some a-ha moments he has learned since becoming a massage therapist:

massage therapy degree,licensed massage therapist,

Brett is seen here volunteering at the monthly free massage clinic he helped start at the East Madison Community Center.

  • Be flexible with time. Remember you may have to work a night or weekend.
  • Be prepared at the beginning as you are gaining clients to work more than one job.
  • Be patient, curious and always willing to learn.
  • Most importantly, self-care is more important than you can ever imagine.

Since finding his perfect fit at Group Health Cooperative, Brett’s stress level has decreased immensely.  Brett works four days a week averaging about four massages a day. He works in a clinical setting giving the type of massages he enjoys best. Brett believes this will be his home for massage for the next 2-3 years. His ultimate goal is to open his own business and teach massage. 

Take charge of your destiny and it will open the doors for you to achieve it!

Happiness, Health and Hydration!

By Robin Rinehart, Massage Therapy Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East