Employer Spotlight: Massage Envy Spa-Appleton

Several massage therapy program graduates have started their new careers as massage therapists at Massage Envy Spa in Appleton, Wis. To find out why this local business chooses so many of Globe University-Appleton’s massage therapy grads, I interviewed Mandy Bembenek, massage therapist at Massage Envy. Mandy shared with me some of the ways she feels our grads are specifically helping their business grow.

Massage therapy program graduate, Brandy Fish, on her graduation day in December 2013.

What makes massage therapy program grads from Globe University-Appleton different?

“I feel the grads from Globe University are well rounded massage therapists and have knowledge on a variety of different massage techniques. The grads also know which types of massage techniques they are interested in specializing in or techniques they would like to have more education in to perform adequately,” Mandy shared.

Mandy also works with some of the students who complete their externships at Massage Envy. During this time, they are gaining the skills necessary to successfully perform in their future careers as massage therapists. She commented, “I enjoy how the grads from Globe University are ready for a challenge and up to learning new massage techniques.”

How have the massage therapy program grads helped your business?

“Massage Envy Spa is a therapeutic massage clinic and spa which offers affordable massages with our membership program. We offer healthy skin facials and deep tissue, Swedish, customized, cranio sacral, prenatal, and hot stone massages. Globe University grads have helped Massage Envy expand our membership program and allow the company to continue to grow by having more therapists to match our growing clientele.”

What advice do you have for future massage therapy program grads looking to get into this growing field?

“My advice to students considering working at Massage Envy Spa or as a massage therapist would be to have an excellent understanding of the body and how all systems work together. Knowing the anatomy and the functions of each muscle is extremely important to become a great massage therapist; clients are looking for knowledgeable therapists to help improve their health and quality of life. Also, being familiar with all health concerns and conditions is key in asking appropriate questions to ensure you won’t worsen a condition and know the appropriate modifications to make during the massage.”

Advice from a former massage therapy student

Brandy Fish, who graduated in December of 2013 from the massage therapy program at Globe University Appleton, is now a licensed massage therapist at Massage Envy Spa in Appleton, Wis. Brandy said, “The best advice I could give to future students in the massage therapy program would be to always keep your head up and stay focused. I know going back to school can be tough and feels like a long time. But once graduation approaches, you will feel very accomplished, excited, and know that you did it.”

Massage Envy is currently hiring massage therapists for their Appleton and Green Bay locations. Check out their video for more information.