Energy Work 101

Submitted by:

Karen Montanez

Massage Program Chair

Minnesota School of Business

Lakeville, MN


According to Quantum Physics, the concept of energy can appear be quite complicated. Einstein showed us that E=MC 2:   Energy equals Mass times the speed of Light squared. What this means is that Mass and Energy are interchangeable. The most important thing to understand is that Mass is nothing but a form of Energy. Therefore, everything is a form of Energy.  Plants, rocks, animals, water, and people are all made up of Energy, in one form or another.

This means that Energy can exist as either solid matter or as non-solid matter, such as a beam of light. Radio waves, microwaves and X-rays are all forms of pure non-solid Energy.

We are energetic beings, and we have an energetic system, and an energetic body, just as we have a nervous system and a circulatory system and a physically tangible body.  Our thoughts, emotions, and physical interactions with our environment affect our energetic system and body just as much as they affect our physical and emotional bodies.  

Energy work is hands-on healing that works with the universal life force energy that exists in every living thing.   Many ancient healing systems are based on balancing this energy system to promote wellness and healing. Energy work is a gentle and non-invasive form of therapy that uses ancient healing techniques that incorporate placement of the hands on, or above certain energy points, called chakras, on the body.  Energy work is beneficial for everyone.   It is calming and restorative. It promotes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual healing and wellness.  It is safe even for infants, the elderly, and people suffering debilitating illnesses.   

It is possible to move life force energy from one living being to another.  Just as radio waves can travel through air and carry sound even though we can’t see them, energy can move from the healer’s hands into your energetic body.   Anyone can learn to be an energy healer; it is an innate ability which is hard-wired into our human DNA.   Most of us do this intuitively.   If you have ever comforted a hurt child by kissing their injuries, or held your hand on the elbow or knee you just bumped and bruised until the pain subsided, you were performing energy work.

The energy that flows from a practitioner’s hands goes where it is needed.   It is not necessary for the practitioner to diagnose your condition or even to know what the condition being treated is; the healer is simply a conduit or channel for Universal Life Force Energy.  This beautiful, restorative, life-giving energy has intelligence; it knows exactly where to go and what to do!

Energy work comes in many forms.  Some of the forms commonly practiced include Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Qigong, Pranic Healing, and many others. Whatever the technique used, the basic concept is the same.   Energy flows from the Universal Source through the healer’s hands, to promote healing and wellness in the person receiving it.