From Stay-at-Home Mom to Massage Therapist: One Student’s Journey

In 2010, I decided to go back to school after having been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years.  I looked into Globe University because of their massage therapy program and was pleased to see that I could go through their program at my own pace. This was important to me as I was homeschooling my children and needed my schooling to be part time.

The admission process was made simple and I found the people at Globe helpful and friendly.  The first massage class was Swedish Massage and during that course we were already doing massage on people outside of our class.  The amount of hands-on time during our courses made us competent and comfortable in dealing with the public. massage therapy program

The variety of modalities introduced to us at Globe made the program complete.  Being exposed to modalities such as cranial sacral, hot stone, Thai, pregnancy and sports gave us the opportunity to develop an interest in a particular modality to further explore during our careers.  My favorite was Thai.  Even though I don’t have the opportunity to use it where I currently work, my exposure to it piqued my interest for possible future use.

By the time my externship came around I was prepared to work outside of school.  My externship was split between AseraCare Hospice and Dayspring Health Spa.  The two work environments were very different.  With the hospice patients, everything I learned about dealing with the elderly was put to use.  Their massage was done while they were clothed and done in whatever position they were comfortable.  Some were in wheelchairs and others were in bed.  The massage consisted of mostly compressions and light touch.  It was rewarding to see that the patients were very grateful for the touch they received.

massage therapy program

Yolanda DeLoach

My externship at Dayspring helped me put into practice the modalities of Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports, hot stone and pregnancy.  After my three-month externship, I knew I wanted to continue working there and was hired.

Having not been in the workforce for 20 years, the owner of Dayspring made my transition an easy one. I incorporate techniques I learned from many of the different classes into my massage to make it my own.  Sometimes I smile to myself when I’m doing a scalp massage and hear Kristen’s voice in my head saying, “You’re massaging the scalp – not shampooing hair.”

I truly love my job and am thankful for all the hard work our instructors, Kristen and Melissa, put into our education and in helping us succeed.  They love massage and  it shows!

    By Yolanda DeLoach, LMT, Massage Therapy graduate Globe University-Wausau