From the Pasture to the Massage Table – Crysta Has Come Full Circle

Crysta NiebuhrOne of the things that I really enjoy about my job as Campus Librarian here at Globe University – Sioux Falls, is the opportunity I have to visit with our new faculty that I first met when they were students here. I’ve only been here a few years, but I’ve especially noticed one common denominator that links all of these “former students now faculty” people together.  Care to hazard a guess as to what this common bond might be? Ten fingers and toes? Well yea, but what I had in mind was something else; infectious enthusiasm!

Let me tell you a little bit about one faculty member I knew as a student and am getting to know in her new role as a faculty member that really typifies this; heck, she could almost be called the “Infectious Enthusiasm Poster Child”!

Crysta Niebuhr, one of our massage therapy adjunct instructors is a busy lady who comes to us with a somewhat unusual background.  Let me tell you a little bit about her. Crysta is one of our graduates. She graduated in 2011 from Globe University – Sioux Falls from our Massage Therapy Program. And busy? Well, she’s employed full time at Dakota Chiropractic and Wellness Center as their massage therapist, and also at Spa 2000. I addition to those two jobs, she’s also one of our adjunct massage therapy instructors!

This next part is what I found especially interesting; she also graduated in 2009 from S.D.S.U. with Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science! You see, Crysta grew up on a farm and originally wanted to work in animal nutrition or reproduction. After graduating from S.D.S.U. she started work at a sow farm, and discovered she just wasn’t enjoying her job.

When she decided to back to school and explore other careers, a friend told her about Globe – Sioux Falls.  Once she came for a visit, our Admissions Team helped Crysta discover her interest in Massage Therapy. Once she landed here, she soon discovered she had a talent for, and enjoyed Massage!  She said she “enjoyed Globe’s friendly atmosphere and that you’re not a number here. Instructors really got to know their students individually.”  

While this part of her life changed, she still has ties to her farm background. She has 2 horses and 3 dogs that take up a lot of her time, and her hobbies include riding and training horses, playing with her dogs, reading, and doing crafts.

During her student days, she developed an interest in teaching. Crysta said “… that as a student I found myself being asked by massage faculty to help other students with their techniques, and really started to enjoy it.  That’s when I saw myself possibly teaching someday. I didn’t think that I would be teaching this quickly after graduating, but it has been an awesome experience! “

~submitted by Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian