Globe University Faculty Profile: The Story of Toby

Years ago, massage therapy program instructor,Toby Mulvihill, started college. Then he changed his mind and quit college. He started again in a new environment. It just didn’t click. Between jobs and travel, he was hoping he could figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. During a family gathering, he was giving his grandma a massage when she said, “Toby, you have missed your calling. You should be a massage therapist!” As a hair stylist, his stunningly beautiful grandmother was on her feet all day long, which is very hard on a persons’ body.

massage therapy program

Toby Mulvihill, massage therapy program instructor at Globe University-Moorhead

Toby took his grandmother’s advice and decided to give school one last shot. He looked at all of the schools that offered a massage therapy program regionally and found that the quality of education offered in Globe University-Moorhead’s massage therapy program was above and beyond the others. Once he enrolled, he found it was demanding and challenging. His education included detailed memorizing of muscles, bones and nerves of the human body. In the midst of this, he thrived. Finally, Toby had discovered his passion.

Upon graduation, Toby started his own business. He was thankful for the business classes that were part of his education at Globe University. After three years of building a very successful clientele with Therapeutic Massage by Toby LLC,Toby found it was time to give back to those who gave him so much. Toby became an instructor at Globe University-Moorhead. Coming full circle, Toby is living a dream he never knew he had, and is now helping others realize their dreams.

“As a graduate and current faculty member for Globe University’s massage therapy program, I hope my experience encourages others to be prospective students,” Toby stated. “This is a powerful program at Globe University-Moorhead, and I am honored to be part of it!”