Globe University Massage Therapy Graduate Lives Her Dream

Globe university-Green Bay, massage therapy programTheresa Hoida is living her dream of being a business owner and massage therapist. Theresa graduated in the spring quarter of 2012 from Globe University-Green Bay.

Starting out as a student in the massage therapy program, Theresa was known for her silly style of knee socks and we never knew what the next day would bring. Through completing the program, Theresa developed a strong sense of professionalism in her dress as well as her business etiquette.

One of the main applied learning projects Theresa was involved in with her Sports Massage course was working with the Green Bay Blizzard professional Indoor Football League team. She was serious about what she was doing, treated the project as if she were working with actual clients and was very professional.

Through this project Theresa and other massage therapy students learned how to apply some of the modalities they were taught in deep tissue and sports massage by specifically singling out muscles that were causing the player/client pain and distress. Theresa felt very fortunate to work on actual athletes and apply principles from the classroom in the real world.

Theresa is the sole proprietor of Metta Massage, which is located within Icon Salon in Howard, Wis. As a business owner and massage therapist, she has been able to bring her personality into her business and her passion to work on clients. With the help and support of her family she has a tastefully decorated massage room.

Globe University-Green Bay Massage Therapy Program Chair Suzette Plemel describes the room by stating, “The massage room reflects her personality, which is warm and inviting.”

Theresa is able to utilize the skills she learned at Globe University Green Bay to help her become a successful massage therapist in the community.

Suzette Plemel added, “The owners of Icon Salon are very pleased to have Theresa as a part of their establishment.”

Theresa is a great example of a student who developed into a professional through her education at Globe University and is now carrying out her dream of working in the industry and meeting the demands of being a business owner.