Globe University Students Learn Swedish Massage Technique

The summer quarter massage therapy  students at the Globe University-La Crosse Campus  learned their first massage therapy technique last month and put their skills to the test on outside clients on Aug. 30. This is the first time the students were able to practice on other individuals other than each other. Students treated the scenario as they would if they were already practicing in the field. First clients had to fill out a health questionnaire to inform the massage therapy student any medical conditions.


After the Swedish Massage, the client had to rate the student’s performance.

“They did wonderful. This is where you see the students really go from being students to being future Massage Therapists.” Jana Knapp, massage therapy instructor, said about her student’s progress. “When they work on each other it is very casual and does not make the student very nervous. When they perform the Swedish massage routine on clinic clients, you can see the switch in their approach and demeanor. It is a very fun thing to watch!”

Jana was impressed with the student’s ability in performing the massage.

“The class I have now are doing wonderfully. I like to refer to massage like a dance and they are picking up on the ‘dance moves’ very well,” she said.

Jana explains why the Swedish massage is the first technique students learn in the program.

“Swedish massage is a great foundation and wonderful beginning technique to learn. It really lays the groundwork for the more advanced techniques that they will learn in the future.”

Hot stone massage is the next technique the students will be learning; they will be practicing on outside individuals starting Sept. 20. Students start in the Massage Therapy Diploma program and can transition to the Associate Degree program after graduation if they choose to.

Written by Leslie Carlson, admissions representative at Globe Univeristy – La Crosse.