Globe University’s Massage Therapy Program Helps Raise Awareness Through the Gift of Massage

The Globe University-Eau Claire massage therapy program joined forces with the YMCA to help raise awareness of both the health benefits of massage therapy and the YMCA’s LIVESTRONG campaign, which helps support cancer survivors.

Set up in the YMCA Hobbs gymnasium, massage therapy instructors, students and graduates shared their knowledge and expertise on the health benefits of massage. Students in the program provided free chair massages to patrons and community members.

After the massage, medical assistant students administered blood-pressure checks and showed participants just how beneficial massage therapy is to your health.

Massage therapy program chair Joan Hamilton called the event “an opportunity for our students to get involved in the community and show the community just how important massage therapy is.”

In addition to the free chair massages, licensed Globe graduates offered their expertise on how massage therapy can help a wide variety of ailments, from cardiovascular issues like asthma to physical conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Licensed therapists also provided massages to YMCA members to help them recover from exercise or even warm up before hitting the gym. It was a great way for those working as therapists to give back to community.

The event not only educated the public about massage therapy, it also helped raise money for the LIVESTRONG program.

Students and instructors helped raise a total of $310 through voluntary donations. Hamilton expressed her thanks to everyone that participated, letting each volunteer know how much their efforts were appreciated and that they should be proud of their hard work. Joan and the massage therapy program pride themselves on their community involvement and volunteerism in support of local programs.