10 Tips To Owning Your Own Business as a Graduating Massage Student

If you follow these few simple tips you will definitely be starting out on the right foot!

  1. Research business and property licensing requirements for massage where you plan on practicing
  2. Location, Location, Location: Choose a location with good parking, proximity to main roads and located in a safe neighborhood
  3. Create advertising tools with your Massage business name and logo: keep it simple and tasteful
    1. Brochure
    2. Cards
    3. Flyers
    4. Coupons
  4. Market to business neighbors by offering a coupon for 20 % off their first massage. The more people you get in the door, which can advertise for you by word of mouth, the better.
  5. Keep the design of your massage facility simple, tasteful and relaxing
  6. Hire professionals to do what you can’t:
    1. Accounting
    2. Design
    3. Scheduling
  7. Research your massage business competition so you can price your services competitively and if you can offer services your competitors don’t, even better.
  8. Start small, offer techniques you specialize in and make that the focus in your marketing and advertising materials
  9. Get a mentor
  10. Don’t take financial risks if you can avoid them; work with-in your budget.