How a Massage Therapist Found His Fit

massage therapy degree

Jonathan Dervetski, massage therapy graduate, gives a graduation speech.


“I’m just glad I made the choice to come to school. I found my ‘fit’ and I’m excited to get started in a new career,” said Jonathan Dervetski, a recent graduate in the massage therapy degree program at Globe University-Eau Claire.

For Jonathan, the end of one era is just the beginning of an exciting new era as he begins his career in massage therapy.  Johnathan is excited to apply the new skills he has learned in the massage therapy program at Globe University. He states, “I’m looking to find a spot somewhere that will let me do what I feel I do best, and that is deep tissue, sports, and myofascial release massage techniques.”

Jonathan was searching for the key to happiness. In a recent graduation speech, Jonathan proclaimed, “I’ve got it good, got a house, got cars that run, my wife is amazing, we both have jobs, and my son is my pride and joy, but I hate my job!”

massage therapy degreeJonathan found he was dreading going to work every day. But by the second week of classes at Globe University, Jonathan had found renewed hope and passion.

Jonathan recalls sitting on the kitchen counter talking to his wife, Anika, about his anatomy and physiology class. His wife was beaming with tears in her eyes to find this newfound excitement in Jonathan as he spoke excitedly about his classes. By his second class in Swedish Massage, he found out what he truly wanted to do. By the second week of his second quarter, he found why he wanted to do it.

Jonathan had found passion!  He states,”I found something that fit, something that I was good at, something that felt natural and I found out I was passionate about being able to help people. Knowing that what I was learning could bring relief to people who can’t find relief through other methods was a turning point for me.”

massage therapy degree Jonathan has this advice for others: “Find ways to involve yourself in what is important to you. If you think you need a change in your life, take the step and start that change. Life is too short to be miserable in a job. Find a way to connect your passion to your work.  Be passionate about something or find passion for your work.”

Jonathan concluded, “When asked about her success and longevity, Julia Child once said, ‘Find what you are passionate about then stay incredibly interested in it.'”

Best wishes, Jonathan, and all Globe University graduates as you pursue your passions and find hope and a future!