I Slept Through my Alarm…I am sure my Massage client understands

Quite a few years ago I was the Spa Director at a busy downtown Minneapolis Spa.  As the Director I was in charge of the hiring, firing, training and day-to-day managing of the spa team.  One of the issues I dealt with periodically was therapists showing up late or missing a massage appointment all together. I was always blown away by this as I just couldn’t understand how you just don’t show up to work.

Unfortunately, sometimes we run into these issues as business managers and owners and that is why I believe so strongly, that professionalism needs to be taught in school.  Now that doesn’t mean that you still won’t run into the occasional employee that will show up late dressed in their sweats for work, however maybe with the correct training up front it won’t happen a lot.

What is professionalism in the massage therapy industry?  Below I have listed some of the areas I believe that massage programs should include in their curriculum.

  • What is and isn’t appropriate work attire?
  • Why is it important to show up to work on time?
  • What happens if you as the therapist no shows for an appointment?
    • Lose the client
    • Lose business because the client “bad mouths” you all over town
    • Lose the respect of your co-workers and colleagues
  • Possess appropriate written and verbal communication skills
    • Grammar
    • Proper spelling
    • Proper sentence structure
    • Proper use of medical terminology
  • Understand personal and professional boundaries in relation to:
    • Client interaction
    • Financial records
    • Intake forms
    • Relationships

These are just a few of the topics that can be covered.  I do believe if we focus on these items in the massage curriculum we will be adding to the pool of not only technically proficient massage therapists, but professional ones as well!

If you are interested in learning about Massage Therapy Education check out the Massage Therapy Program at Globe University.