Importance of the Student Clinic and Massage Internship/Externship Experience

Article Written By:

Maria Leonard, MT, BS, Reiki Master

Network Dean of Massage Therapy

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business/Utah Career Colleges


The massage and bodywork industry is ever changing.  The continued growth of our industry is extensive.  Massage and body workers are present in chiropractic offices, wellness centers, hospitals, spas and many more facilities.  With this expansion, we know it is extremely important that massage students gain experience in a student clinic setting before graduation.  These student clinics give the students the opportunity to show house and hone their skills using a diverse collection of techniques.  Students have the opportunity to use critical thinking to provide the best treatment possible for their clients. 


As complimentary health care providers, massage and body work professionals must meet the standards of the industry and apply their expert knowledge.  It is imperative that massage and body work students practice their skills for many hours so they are prepared to administer techniques that are honed to perfection and keep their client’s best health interests in mind.


As an instructor, I have seen the benefit of students receiving hours of practice in a clinic setting.  The industry has shown their satisfaction in the students’ abilities by their excitement in hiring the students that have worked for many hours massaging a diverse client base before entering the work place.


The internship/externship opportunity also plays a vital role in the success of a massage student.  When students are given the opportunity to perform massage at an off-site facility, they are more likely to acquire employment.  Through the internship/externship experience, they have the opportunity to perform the techniques that were practiced in student clinic, in an actual working facility.  This gives them real life experience, preparing them for a successful career.


I feel honored to be a participant in helping to train these amazing people. They are driven by their commitment to helping clients on their journey to become healthier human beings physically, mentally and emotionally.