In Touch with the Students? This Executive Program Chair of Massage Therapy at Globe University is!

The petite brunette sits quietly at her desk with the scent of lavender filling the air. Wisps of fabric cover a nearby bookshelf, light floods the desk. Peace is felt, as well as heard. Megan Mozinski, recently achieving the title of Executive Program Chair of Massage Therapy, for Globe University, keeps a watchful eye on her environment, always looking for ways to help students. While Megan presently has her office on the Globe University-Moorhead campus, she will be serving all campuses within the Massage Therapy program.

Graduating from Sister Roslyn’s School of Massage in 2005, Megan worked in the industry until she started teaching.

“I love working with our students. Everyone learns so differently that it’s always a challenge to find out which ways will impact a particular person,” Megan begins. “When you combine that with my passion for the field of Massage Therapy makes this job such a perfect fit for me.”

Try to get Megan to decide which area of massage interests her most and she is at a loss. “It’s always so new each day, with each student.”

An area that surprises most students is the use of oils in therapy. “Most people are not aware of the healing properties in oils, both emotional and physical healing. So much of massage therapy is emotional. It treats the whole person. It’s not uncommon for emotions to be released as muscles are worked on a person.”

As Megan takes on the role as Executive Chair, she looks forward to learning from other campuses as much as she looks forward to providing resources to the other locations.  
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