Let’s Play the Name Game – How Well Do You Know Us?

The theme song from “Cheers” said it best, “Don’t you wanna go, where everybody knows your name?”
name game, massage therapy program
One of the perks of going to Globe University are the personal relationships that are developed and the true family-feel on campus. People know each other on a first-name basis, they know about the lives of those around them, both on and off campus, and there are genuine connections made, whether among students, staff or faculty. To put those connections to the test, massage therapy program faculty members Kristen Nickel and Melissa Baker decided to put together a Globe University version of the Name Game.

Staff and faculty were asked to provide three to five interesting things about themselves, and Kristen and Melissa took it from there. The groupings of interesting facts and pictures of the staff and faculty participating are now hung in the commons and all are encouraged to participate.

In order to play, participants are asked to make a $1 donation, or bring in two non-perishable food items, with all proceeds going to the Neighbors Place in Wausau. And in return, the person with the most correct matches will be the lucky winner of a $50 gas card. 

So who are these fascinating people that we have at Globe University-Wausau? Our campus includes Harley riders, former disc jockeys and restaurant owners, ping pong champs, pet collectors, Wisconsinites who are creeped out by squeaky cheese curds, and cancer survivors, just to name a few.

The contest runs throughout the quarter. To participate, either contact Kristen or Melissa or stop in at the front desk and pick up your answer sheet.

Happy guessing!