LinkedIn Tips for Massage Therapists

In today’s socially-connected world, professionals across all industries can benefit from having a fully-developed social media presence. This includes, most importantly, LinkedIn, a professional network that serves as both an online resume and a recruitment tool. LinkedIn has long been associated with white collar office work, but it is just as useful for those seeking massage therapist jobs. Not sure where to get started? Check out these tips, specifically targeted at the current or aspiring massage therapist:

Maintain a Thorough and Accurate Profile

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Your LinkedIn profile is the face you present to the digital world, and, whether you’re on the hunt for small business clients or full-time work at a practice, a well-rounded profile page can make all the difference. Be sure to include your educational credentials, your work history, and your career aspirations.

Join Massage Therapy Groups

LinkedIn is more than a virtual resume. The site also offers a myriad of opportunities for expanding your professional network. One of the best ways to gain new contacts is to join groups specifically targeted at massage therapists. These groups give you the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and build strong professional relationships in a welcoming virtual setting. If you have a specific question about your work as a massage therapist, feel free to create a new thread; plenty of fellow group members will be happy to provide you with in-depth answers. Additionally, by answering other group members’ questions, you can quickly demonstrate your expertise.

Not sure where to begin with group interaction? Consider joining one of these excellent groups:

  • Massage Therapy Foundation
  • Massage Therapists and Manual Therapists
  • Women in Wellness Career Group
  • Canadian Massage Therapist Network
  • Thai Massage For Therapists and Yoga Teachers

If you are a solo entrepreneur or a freelance massage therapist, it may also be worth your while to check out more general groups aimed at small business owners and freelance professionals. Consider joining the Small Business Owners Group or the Small Business Owners Marketing Help Group.

Engage With Connections

Simply confirming connections and sending endorsements is not good enough; it is imperative that you nurture meaningful relationships with these connections. Begin by responding to your connections’ group threads and profile updates. Join conversations on their personal posts or on the posts made by those in their network. Continue this effort by sending direct messages, and when appropriate, requesting face-to-face meetings.

By cultivating a high-quality LinkedIn profile and reaching out to other users, you can quickly expand your professional network — and increase your potential for new jobs and new clients. The time you invest in LinkedIn can pay huge dividends down the road, so log in and start growing your network.

Post written by a staff writer