Marc Tobin, DC: Globe University Massage and Medical Instructor

By Doug Murdock, Globe University-Sioux Falls Campus Librarian.

Marc TobinAs I said in an earlier blog post, our Globe University-Sioux Falls massage therapy program instructors are an interesting lot. I was reminded of this again recently, when I visited with another of our instructors, Dr. Marc Tobin. Dr. Marc had seen some of my other blog posts, and wanted to share HIS story. I’ll let him tell it:

“Right out of college, about 11 years ago, I decided to take one year and do some volunteering.  I entered the AmeriCorps program and went down to Las Cruces, NM,  to teach at an alternative high school.  I graduated with a degree in Psychology, but found myself teaching GED science classes.  I decided to become a high school science teacher after I moved back to South Dakota.  I began working on a biology degree (with a teaching certificate) and soon realized that I loved the science classes and this led me to pursue a graduate program.

“I chose Chiropractic because I liked the idea of healing the body using natural medicine and chiropractic is big into living healthy and preventing illness rather than treating it later. I also had an episode of low back pain and used chiropractic to treat it and heal from it.  It worked well for me and this episode sparked an interest in how natural medicine can help heal the body and restore health and wellness. I have been practicing for over five years now and I have been blessed many times over by the wonderful people I get to treat. It’s great to help people get out of pain and back to living their life.

“Had I not volunteered I never would have discovered my love for the sciences and pursued this career choice.”

As you can see, while they come from a variety of backgrounds, all of our massage therapy instructors have some things in common; they are passionate about what they do, and they enjoy giving of themselves to help others feel better. Having “healing hands” comes to mind whenever I think about how to describe them.

So what influenced you to pursue your present career choice?