Massage Club: 5 Reasons Students Enjoy Connecting with Classmates

I have been at Globe University-Madison East for about 3.5 years.  In that time I started a club for students in the massage therapy program, and it went well. Then the students graduated and the club went by the wayside. I couldn’t get enough people interested in actively keeping the club going and doing activities. But during winter quarter, massage therapy students Amy Lang and Flutura Hadjini approached me and asked about giving the massage club a rebirth. 

The idea was to give all massage students—new and seasoned—a chance to meet each other and connect. 

Massage therapy program

Globe University-Madison East Massage Club

For the first meeting, every student from the massage therapy program came. They began brainstorming about what this club should be about. It came down to volunteering and self-care.  They want to learn from each other and guests about how to be good role models for their clients and each other, even the school. They discussed how to make the campus a healthier place.

The club opened the quarter with another big group of students. One new student came and received a huge welcome. The club stated to her, “We are all your family now. We are here to help.” Honestly, I had goosebumps from this.     

These are the top five reasons massage students feel the club is important:

  • Being able to promote the benefits of massage throughout the school to other programs.
  • Create community in the program.
  • Help each other study and teach each other.
  • Have fun.
  • De-stress.

I am excited how our club will bloom in the spring quarter and throughout the year.  Each meeting brings new and exciting ideas. Hopefully the next one will draw even more new massage students to the club to meet and become involved in creating a positive environment for students to totally enjoy school in and out of class.

Happiness, Harmony and Hydration

Written by Robin Rinehart, Massage Therapy Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East