Massage Envy Manager Loves to Hire Globe University Massage Therapist Grads

Stepping through the door of the strip mall shop, smiles instantly welcomed me. Within minutes, I was being ushered to a softly lit waiting room to bask in the soothing music. From there, I was led to a warm, comforting room with a hydraulic massage table, looking so inviting with crisp sheets and fluffy blanket. Everything was exactly as Globe University graduate Bri Williams said it would be: state of the art massage therapy with well-trained therapists.

Bri Williams, Manager of Massage Envy and Graduate of Globe University-Moorhead Massage Therapy program

Massage Envy’s Fargo location is one of the highest rated stores in the franchise. Massage Envy has over 900 locations in the US and is continuing to grow. When Bri was asked why it rated so high, she quickly responded, “Our therapists are amazing!”

With 8 of the 13 therapists trained at Globe University in Moorhead, Bri went on to say that Globe’s training is structured in such a unique way where students spend entire quarters on modalities such as the pregnancy clinical where the students actually work on pregnant women the entire quarter. The request rates for return customers goes up the fastest and highest for the therapists trained at Globe.

“When thinking of recruiting therapists, Globe comes to mind immediately,” Bri stated, “not only because I received my education there, but because the therapists from Globe have been amazing top-notch well-rounded employees so far.”

Bri also went on to say that Massage Envy has taken the time to really figure out how to serve the public. Massage Envy has the business protocols in place to really make it easy for staff members to put the customer first. They have also created a culture of ‘family’ among the employees. Because it is part of a corporation, therapists are able to receive benefits such as the company providing the lotions and lotion holders as well as perks such as being paid even if a customer doesn’t show up. With so many locations in the United States, there is almost unlimited opportunity.

“I graduated with the thought of starting my own business, but once I was hired at Massage Envy, I realized I am so much better off here. They have helped me grow in so many ways. It really has taken my career to such a high level in a very short time,” Bri happily said!