Massage Offers Viable Career Option for Military Veteran

massage therapist school, massage therapy degree, massage therapyAs a first quarter massage therapy student, David VanSchyndel has already made an impact on the Globe University-Madison East campus.

If you are in the commons and see a gentleman with a cowboy hat, a large fancy belt buckle and boots who is often studying intensely or eating a delicious meal, you have seen David. We’re proud to announce him as our November student of the month. 

Cassie Chulick, Globe University student services and academic coordinator, states, “David is a new student who has already become a familiar friendly face to students and staff.”

David chose to enroll in massage therapist school because he has been told by many people that he has a healing touch. It began during his time in the Army at Fort Hood in Texas.

While stationed, he became the go-to guy for headaches, neck and shoulder pain. He would help ease his platoon pals’ pain by using massage. He also gave his wife massages during pregnancy. He has learned a bit about essential oils which he believes are very beneficial for different ailments like headaches.

Since leaving the Army in 2007, he has been looking for a career he would enjoy and will support his family. 

He waits for the day when he can use massage to help his brother with the knots in his shoulders. Thus far, David enjoys school and is really happy to be here. He likes learning about how the body can be affected by massage and the body’s inner workings.

Since beginning school, David stays with his sister in Madison during the week and goes home to Elkhorn on the weekends. He enjoys spending time with his wife Ashley and his one- and three-year-old boys. He is a country boy at heart and loves to be at home on the farm. He likes riding his draft horse, Porthos, playing football with his brother, and watching the Packers play.  David also likes woodworking and woodcarving. Someday he would like to build a stage coach, like from the old westerns, for his wife. 

When asked how he felt about being student of the month he smiled and said, “It is crazy. I was not expecting this at all. I am not usually pegged for this type of thing.”

Jessica Corey, David’s admissions representative, said, “David is such a motivated student! He took on full-time credit load. He volunteered to bring all the pumpkins, gourds and hay for our student appreciation event from his family farm. David is a fantastic addition to our campus and it is a pleasure to know him!”

Positive, motivated and passionate are words fitting David awesomely. It will be exciting to watch him grow into a massage therapist and begin his new career.