Massage Program Adds Two New Ground Breaking Courses

The massage program offered at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business/Broadview University has always contained courses that inspire, challenge and encourage critical thinking in our students.

It is our pleasure to announce two new courses that are being added to the Associates in Massage Therapy program.  These courses were developed based on encouragement from our employers, students and faculty.

We believe that these courses will help to give our Associates students a leg up when entering the career field after graduation.

The two new courses will give our students in-depth study on how to assess specific client conditions to develop the best treatment plan for that client.  They will be studying published case studies on common conditions and creating treatment plans for those conditions.

These courses will build on the basic assessment tools and massage skills they have learned throughout their program and teach them to go deeper and apply critical thinking to their decision making process.

We are so excited to offer these two new courses along with a few other changes we have made to the program.

The massage industry is always evolving and we do our best to make sure our curriculum evolves right along with the industry.