Massage Therapy Student Wins $500 Scholarship

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Molly Lindus wins $500 scholarship

Molly Lindus, enrolled in her first quarter as a massage therapy program student, listened to the appeal from her instructor, Sharon Pollock. “It was my first class,” Molly says, “Sharon told us about this scholarship, and that we had to write an essay to be eligible to win.” Even though it meant extra work, Molly took a chance and set out to write the essay.

Local business partners with Globe University

Gloria WahrenBrock and Gary Meyers of Massage Envy collaborated with local universities in their business region to supply a $500 scholarship to a top-candidate massage student, provided the school with the winning student would match the funds. Globe University is matching the scholarship provided by Massage Envy, providing Molly with a grand total of $1,000 in scholarship funds. Students were asked to submit an essay explaining why massage therapy is important to them. Molly was selected from a pool of more than ten other candidates. WahrenBrock said, “Molly’s story was really moving, and just very well done.”

Synergy in the health sciences

Molly wrote her essay on synergy. She works as a yoga instructor and is enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program for exercise science at a local university, while simultaneously working toward her associate degree in massage therapy here at Globe University–Woodbury. She said that she had been a stay-at-home mom for several years, but as the kids went to school, she began to wonder what she would do. She had been passionate about health and fitness, and she decided to begin her studies in that field. Several students in her bachelor’s program also study massage therapy as well. She knows how well exercise and massage complement each other, and she wanted to maximize her knowledge and expertise.

message therapy program

(L-R) Gloria WahrenBrock, Molly Lindus, Gary Meyers

Molly chose to attend Globe because of its excellent reputation, especially in massage therapy. Speaking of her first completed quarter, Molly reports that the most surprising thing about this school is how friendly everyone is. Between that and the feedback she has been getting from her instructors, Molly knows she is doing the right thing by studying for two degrees concurrently.

Molly said that winning the scholarship was just more reinforcement that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. When asked what is the primary emotion driving her these days, and especially after winning the scholarship, Molly didn’t hesitate to answer. “I’m just super grateful,” she said.