Military to Massage – Student Gives Back In and Out of the Classroom

Watching our massage therapy program at Globe University-Sioux Falls continually grow with outstanding students is amazing!  Each student comes to Globe with their own dreams and experiences, and make their dreams come true with their hard work and determination.

Shane Kramer is one of our fabulous massage students here at Globe University who appreciates that our school is military friendly. He is halfway through his associate degree in massage therapy.  It has been a pleasure having him

Massage Therapy Program

Shane Kramer, Massage Therapy Student

on our campus. Every time I see Shane on campus, I am always greeted with a smile, a joke or a story. His outgoing personality is contagious.

Our program is very hands-on and full of community engagement opportunities in which students get an chance to practice their skills from the classroom. This practice is known as applied learning—learning by doing.  Shane always volunteers his time if he’s available to come help out with events, gain experience, and promote our school and program.  He has helped with events such as the Race for the Cure, Market Mania, Blue Star Family Event, various fundraisers, and employee appreciation chair massages at local businesses.

Shane does not shy away from such events like showing high school students how to dress appropriately for interviews by being one of our fashion models!  Shane is always there with a smile on his face, and his enthusiasm in life will empower him to be successful in his career choice. Needless to say, our university’s We Care philosophy can be exemplified by our own students.

Shane was born and raised in Magnolia, Minn., (near Luverne) on a farm. He was involved in football, track and Future Farmers of America in high school.  Shane joined the military when he was a junior in high school and deployed after he had gotten back from aeromedical isolation team.  He was deployed with the Headquarters & Headquarter Battalion 1-125 field artillery to Kuwait. He also did Airborne Relay Facility and Base security for S-POD. When he came back, he was interested in school so he started looking around.

Why did he choose Globe University and massage?

“I started to go to [another college] but that was not a very good college, so my friend referred me to go here and everyone was friendly and helpful,” Shane said. “I’ve always liked massaging people and being around people, and being a doctor would take a lot more time so massage is a pretty good opportunity.”

What does he really like about Globe?

“I like that you can go to almost anyone and talk about anything and they would help you or know a person that would help,” he explained. “That and knowledgeable instructors.”

His future plans?

“Well, I have a feeling that I will be deployed shortly after graduation, otherwise I would like to start by working at a hospital or under a chiropractor, then start my own business,” Shane said.

He added, “I would like to say thank you to my fellow classmates for your help; good luck in everything. Thank you, admin guys and gals; you’re pretty awesome. Oh, and thank you Mother.”

By Tina Simunek, Massage Therapy Program Chair, Globe University-Sioux Falls