MSB – Plymouth Sees Growing Number of Men in Massage Therapy

Massage cohort - fall 15The Minnesota School of Business – Plymouth campus has seen a recent increase in the number of male massage therapy students. A little over one-third of our massage students are men. Many of these men are looking for careers that are the direct opposite from the types of jobs they have had in the past which include military, construction and playing hockey.

When I was going to school for massage back in 2002-2003 there was about one male for every 10 female students, and my instructors made it well known to us that male massage therapists have a much tougher time in the industry.  As the massage program chair here at Plymouth, I get the opportunity to meet with and speak with many business owners and massage therapists and I believe that things have changed drastically over the years.

Male massage therapists are actually requested and do tend to book quite quickly in any setting, from spas to chiropractic offices and health clubs. I’ve even noticed it here at our student clinics.  Many clients believe that male massage therapists are stronger and better able to give a deep tissue massage, although, as a female massage therapist I might have to disagree with that preconceived notion!

I reached out to April Rosendahl, the corporate recruiter for Massage Retreat & Spa and she shared with me that five of their seven locations have male massage leads and that they do not have any problems filling their books if they are good therapists.

Massage therapists are in high demand. Honestly, I can’t keep up with all of the phone calls I get from employers looking to hire our students.  I’m happy to see that the massage therapy program is growing in size at the Plymouth Campus, and I encourage anyone who has ever thought about becoming a massage therapist to check us out!  While it is still a female dominated profession, there is plenty of room for men in this industry!

Written by: Diana Oberg, Massage Program Chair- Plymouth MSB