New Student’s Enthusiasm Permeates Globe University Sioux Falls Campus

By Ann Kolbrek, Globe University-Sioux Falls Director of Career Services

The sound of laughter and crumpling wrappers fills my office. It’s eight in the morning, so I can’t imagine who would be digging through our front desk candy jar – besides me. I soon learn that this additional sugar-addicted individual is none other than new Globe University-Sioux Falls massage therapy student, Allyson Moser. 

Her contagious laughter quickly pervades our building with the sound of cheesy jokes on the backside of LaffyTaffy wrappers. I knew at that moment, I just had to learn more about this girl!

Allyson came to Globe from Sanborn, Iowa, wanting to get away from home and experience city life. “I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out of the house,” Allyson says. 

And her family fully supported her. Although Allyson confessed that she hasn’t always liked school, she finds college life to be lots of fun, and she looks forward to coming to her classes each day: “I especially like everything about the massage classes and the instructors” she says.

So what’s the secret to Allyson’s upbeat, cheerful personality? She says “you just have to go through it. Even if you have ups and downs, you have to keep a positive attitude. That’s how I roll!”  

Allyson’s optimistic approach to life is a great example for the rest of us to follow, and it really has become nearly impossible to walk through our doors, see her sunny smile, and have a bad day.  Although she loves everything about Globe University and especially her classes, it is no surprise to me what Allyson says is her favorite thing about the Sioux Falls campus: “the candy, duh!”