Road Trip! Students Prepare for Body Worlds Exhibit

Body Worlds, massage therapyDozens of plasticized human bodies on display sounds rather morbid to me!  But the 20-plus students from the massage therapy, medical assisting, and criminal justice programs at Globe University-Eau Claire are excited to take a trip to the Minnesota Science Museum to see the Body Worlds exhibit on March 16 to enjoy this very experience!

The students are going to the exhibit to see the actual human body spliced and on display. Jeaneen Roberts, one of the massage therapy instructors going on the trip, is sure the students will be amazed by the actual sizes of muscles. Some may be surprised at how large or small the muscles actually are.

“They will also be able to see the variations between male and female, the sizes of people, and embryos of various stages,” Jeaneen said.

massage therapySome other things students look forward to include:

  • Jerrod Polden is excited to see how the muscles are attached. For him, the experience of seeing the deep and superficial musculature will deepen his understanding of how to improve his knowledge of the body.
  • Samantha Pitcavage is “super excited” to see how the muscles lay on an actual person rather than in a text book photo.
  • Sarah Steinle is excited about going on a field trip with fellow students that share her interest and enthusiasm for the physiology of the human body.
  • Tammy Braden is looking forward to the educational and reality of the display. She states, “The pictures in a book are so much less morbid.”
  • The criminal justice students are looking at this exhibit from a more forensic aspect.

Body Worlds The majority of the students taking the field trip are enrolled in the massage therapy program. These students took their massage skills to the commons on campus recently to offer a chair massage in exchange for a donation to fund their trip. Many students and faculty members participated in the chair massage and enjoyed 15 minutes of pure relaxation–so much so that the massage students themselves could have benefited from a massage.

Unlike the plasticized muscles the students will see at the exhibit, student Jamie Edington stated that her arms felt like rubber from the number of massages given!