Spread Your Wings and Soar: Massage Inspires Student

In spring of 2011 the massage therapy program at Globe University-Madison East welcomed Flutura Hajdini. Flutura is the middle of three children and the first American-born child for her Albanian parents. She came to us on a twisty path. 

As a young girl her father asked for massage all the time. She was the daughter who would do this and realized she enjoyed it.  From this experience she decided to take

massage therapy program

Flutura Hajdini

anatomy classes in high school and enjoyed them. At that time, Flutura knew she wanted to work with animals or massage.  But after graduating from high school she felt lost. She decided to try going to school, but that didn’t work out so she took a year off. 

Then her friend, Timothy Yungen, said, “Come see my school.”  Flutura showed up at the front desk and asked for Tim. She was happy to see that people at the school actually knew the names of the students.  She had a tour, received a massage, and she was sold. Globe University was the school for her and the massage therapy program was the program she had been looking for.

With graduation in sight, Flutura feels like she is growing more.  She is involved in the East Madison Community Center free massage clinic and is working to unite the massage program. She is inspired by her classmates and has learned from each of them.  School can be nerve wracking, but Flutura realizes this is her calling. Even when she lost her car and things seemed rough, she found strength she did not realize she had inside her. 

In her spare time, Flutura loves working out. She began running in March and toning her body. She also enjoys practicing Reiki. She received two attunements in Reiki. At home she has been experimenting with this energy on two plants. The plant she does Reiki on has grown much bigger and is healthier. She now sees how much energy can affect a living organism. 

Flutura describes the last few years as a roller coaster ride, but an amazing one. She says massage has helped her open a whole new side to her.  She sees everyone as beautiful and wants to help others see the beauty that is in each and every person. 

Flutura loves life, nature and helping people. She spreads it daily with her smile and the hugs she passes to friends who need it.  Her wings have spread and she is soaring happily in life.

Happiness, Health and Hydration!

Written By: Robin Rinehart, Massage Therapy Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East