Student Spotlight: Jon Galbraith, Massage Therapy Program

You may have seen his friendly face around campus, or gotten help from him in the tutor lab. Massage therapy program student, Jon Galbraith, was our recipient for the Outstanding Student award for the fall quarter. Through his genuine smile and love for massage therapy, he provides a wonderful example as a role model to fellow students. Galbraith attends Globe University-Green Bay in the massage therapy program and balances school, a part-time job and a family. We sat down with him to learn a little bit more behind the motivated massage student.

Why did you come to Globe University?

I have tried college twice before and never felt as comfortable or goal oriented as I do here. It is my third try and I’m going to succeed this time. There weren’t a lot options for massage therapy. Globe was the best college for accreditation, and I just liked the environment.

You are student ambassador on campus. How has this role affected you?

I was surprised getting it, because I wanted to stand out in the massage therapy program, and I wanted to help others around me. I feel like getting to know people through the student ambassador program helps me get to know them on a personal level and help people stay focused. Being a student ambassador and all the great things that have come of that has driven me to become better and better. It has been a great experience.

Tell us about some of your favorite class or instructors.

I have enjoyed all my instructors, but my favorite two instructors are Suzette Plemel, our program chair, and Dr. Zac. Suzette just exudes an energy that you can’t help but be in a good mood. You can take direction from her really easily because she is on your level. She is very friendly, open and honest with you. You can talk to her about anything.

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Student ambassadors at graduation

How do you balance everything?

I have a girlfriend, who is a nurse, and helps me study and that’s helpful. At work I am allowed to do homework at long as I am caught up with everything. I have a good network of friends and family that help keep me driven.

How is Globe different from other colleges you have attended?

I like coming to Globe. It’s about the people; the staff who works here and the students, the small class sizes. Everyone is close no matter what program. We are like a little family.

Galbraith exudes a positive attitude and truly shows his passion for massage and helping others through being available on campus and volunteering to help with events like the campus chili cook-off. You can tell he is well connected and respected by fellow students because they go to him with questions or share thoughts with him.