Sylvia’s Story

Written by: Sylvia Isaacson, Globe University Massage Therapy Student  

    My son, Adam, has this dis-ease called ADHD. That is the label that his school and doctor gave us. I think labels belong on soup cans, not on kids.  His dis-ease has given me a great gift: the gift of knowing who I am and not being afraid to stand up and shout.

    When Adam was about 13 he told me he was finished with the medication. He said, “When I take that medication I know I am sitting here and I can see myself walking over there”. My heart felt like it was going to break. How could I have done that to him for so long?  That was the last day he took any medicine for his disease. When I think about it, I did it in order to have a normal child – that is what the doctor tells you, “these will make him feel normal.” Who and what is normal when it comes to kids?

     Now we have this wonderful bond called “MASSAGE”.  What a great thing – a close bond with your teenage son! This leads to great conversation and trust.  I massage Adam twenty minutes every morning and twenty minutes every night and this helps him deal with life’s little twist and turns. Since I am going to school for massage, I have learned to do Thai massage. When I showed Adam how it was done he really liked it.  He is into sports, and doing Thai really helps him stay limber. With massage, I have been able to have this wonderful connection with my son. Adam tells me things and asks questions that make me swallow really hard. Then I think, “if I were not to massage him, who would he ask these questions?” Then I know I am glad it is me. My son is this wonderful man; he is caring and is developing a wonderful passion for people. He tries to help instead of harm, and is learning to love life. My hope is that he will pass this wonderful passion on to everyone in his life.

     With the end of my schooling drawing near, my desire is to start a non-profit organization supporting kids with labels  by presenting the child and parent with massage and bodywork modalities and treatments to supplement their care. I would love to teach parents how important this connection is with their kids. If parents would start massage when their children are first born, just think what a wonderful life kids would have. They could have a bond that would take them through life and create peace instead of problems, understanding instead of confusion, and a trust in each other.