The Road Less Taken: Student Profile of Audrey Heilman

After high school, Audrey went to the East Coast to nanny for a year. Living in Maine allowed her to train and run her first marathon. After returning to the Midwest, she attended college for a semester at University of North Dakota. Then she switched to Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Massage Therapy

Audrey Heilman, client favorite in the massage therapy program

So Audrey decided to try Globe University for massage therapy. It was between registration and starting school, however, that Audrey had one more thing on her list: get clean and sober once and for all. Chemical dependency had haunted her for some time. It played a large part in her high school career long before her college years started. She had attempted to get clean and sober a number of times, yet it is difficult to remain so when there is no purpose.

So, she entered a regional mental health treatment center. And this time, Audrey was incredibly successful.

Coming to Globe University-Moorhead was like the final piece of the puzzle. The program, the people and the instructors just ‘fit.’ Being a therapist is giving her a purpose.

“When I was in treatment, we had yoga and meditation which really helped me focus on moving beyond drugs and alcohol,” Audrey shared.

“Audrey is a client favorite. She always gets booked, and people rave once they finish a massage with her. She has a natural talent and will be a very successful therapist. Her talent along with her fun personality makes her a great student to have around,” stated Massage Therapy Program Chair Randi Olsen.

Instructor Toby Mulvihill said, “Everyone is always shocked at how much depth and pressure Audrey can achieve with such a small frame. She’s a prime example of how anyone can use proper body mechanics to achieve fantastic results.”

Going forward, Audrey’s goal is to give back with her newly acquired skills.

“I’d like to work in chemical dependence to help others in recovery using my skills in massage. Having been there, I can relate to what they are going through. Withdrawal is not easy and I can help them through a very difficult time.” Audrey stated.

While hers is not the typical route of a student, it is reflective of Robert Frost’s Poem Road Not Taken:

Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.