Update on Minnesota Massage Regulation Bill

The SF 1233 bill – voluntary registration for massage therapists in MN  – hit a wall last night.  This bill had to be heard last night in the Senate Health, Housing and Security Committee,  to be able to  meet the 3/19/2010 deadline.   Unfortunately, they did not get to this bill last night.

What this means is that the bill, in its current form, will not be able to move through the Senate this legislative term.  The (ALMTMN) Alliance for Licensing Massage Therapist in Minnesota will continue to work together to create a new bill based on this bill.  Changes will be made to improve language etc., based on some of the comments received from House and Senate members.

It is important to remember that a massage regulation bill in MN has never passed more than one committee in the house and this bill passed 4 house committees.  This is unprecedented.

If you are interested in joining the ALMTMN, want to become a supporter or are just interested in learning more; please go to the following website.