Weekend Relaxation: Earn a Massage Therapy Diploma on the Weekends

If you’ve always thought that massages were no more than luxurious stress-relief, think again. According to Massage Therapy Program Chair Holly Kaiser, massage’s biggest benefit is pain management for every day aches and pains, or chronic problems like migraines and fibromyalgia. A massage can even boost the immune system!

Since the medicinal benefits of massage have become more widely recognized, there has been an increased demand for massage therapists. As a result, Globe University-La Crosse has created a new and exciting massage therapy program designed to be completed in one year by taking classes only on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

massage therapy program

Student Adam Clough reviews anatomy with instructor Jana Knapp

Globe University has created this program because there are many people in the community who wish to pursue massage therapy training, but might not be able to work classes around their full-time job. “This program is tailored for individuals who are continuing to work full time while completing a diploma,” said Campus Director Stephanie Donovan. “This program will begin in the fall quarter,” she added.

June Vatland, dean of education, noted that there is a great interest in massage therapy classes; she hopes the weekend cohort program will make the courses available and accessible to a larger population.

“Many students wanted to enroll in the massage therapy program, but they are already working professionals and busy during the week,” she said. “This option allows them to make progress on a degree on the weekends.”

Just as with the traditional massage therapy program, students participating in the weekend cohort will attend classes for four quarters. Additionally, students will supplement the massage courses by taking online classes. A sample of the weekend hour requirements might be a course on Friday evening from 5:30-9:30 p.m., followed by a Saturday schedule of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with time for a lunch break.

massage therapy program

A massage therapy student practices lymphatic drainage massage

However, prospective students need not worry that they will have no weekends free during the program. “There are one and two week breaks during the terms, so individuals are not using all of their weekends for school,” June said. “This will assist in a good work-life balance.”

In addition to their courses, students will also complete an externship in which they practice their acquired skills. Holly Kaiser noted that externship placements may include chiropractic and massage clinics, as well as salons and spas. A successful completion of the weekend cohort program leaves graduates with other options as well. “There is a huge market for massage therapists willing to travel to businesses as part of a wellness program,” Holly said.

Despite the accelerated schedule, students will still learn extensively about different types of massages. According to Holly, “Our program offers training in nine different techniques and clinical time for each modality.” Some modalities covered are deep tissue, sports massage, and pregnancy massage. “This leads to very experienced and knowledgeable therapists that are well prepared for their clients,” Holly said.

We are very excited to offer this new opportunity to working professionals looking to further their education or try a new career path. The Globe University-La Crosse massage therapy weekend cohort program will begin in the Fall Quarter of 2014. Please contact Globe University-La Crosse at 608-779 2600, or Toll-Free at 1-877-540-8777 for more information about the program.