What are Singing Bowls? Massage Students Find Out

Singing bowls—what are they? The term seems a little silly at first, until you learn about the long history of these calming objects. Singing bowls date back to ancient times and are still used today by health professionals, teachers and many others. Their calming ability makes them desirable during relaxation and meditation. These bowls are used worldwide, and massage therapy program students recently had the opportunity to experience their healing effects after a classroom presentation.

massage therapy, singing bowls

Globe University massage therapy students learn the healing effects of singing bowls through an interactive workshop.

Although they are most commonly used throughout Asia, many students right here at Globe University-Appleton were excited to learn more about this form of relaxation during the activity. Pairing sound therapy and singing bowls is a great way to relieve stress, increase energy and promote emotional and physical healing. Use of singing bowls has even been linked to helping cancer patients and those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The students enjoyed learning about a new kind of therapy and learned about even more opportunities for their career path. Massage therapists have the opportunity to add sound therapy to their repertoire and it was a great opportunity for them to expand on their knowledge of the field.

Globe University-Appleton Massage Therapist Instructor Parnee Paras was happy to give a new insight to students on other forms of healing and added that her students loved the workshop and were excited to try out some singing bowl exercises on their own.massage therapy, singing bowls