What’s Your Spark? Find It and Pass It On

On Monday, April 29, several current and past massage therapy program students and I attended the United Way of Dane County Community Volunteer Awards.  The Globe University-Madison East massage program was nominated for an award by the East Madison Community Center for the free massage clinic we established there a year ago. 

The massage clinic benefits the members of the East Madison Community Center and our students. 

massage therapy program

Massage therapy program shows off the nomination certificate.

The massage therapy students who volunteer at the clinic are doing so because they have become connected to the community and enjoy giving back. They get to practice techniques while building bonds with the community, graduates, and each other.  

I enjoy watching the graduates mentor some of the current students—I am not the only one who answers the questions. I truly love to see how the massage clinic has grown and the benefits coming out if it.  Who knows where we can take it from here? The nomination for the Community Volunteer Awards meant the world to the massage students and to me.  We really do make a difference.

During the ceremony the students were asked to answer the question: What is your spark for doing what you do?

  • “Their smiles!”  -Tim Yungen, graduate
  • “I enjoy helping to find balance in their life. Even if I don’t get money I achieve a feeling of happiness.”  -Flutura Hajdini, student
  • “I volunteer so people in the community can experience the healing power of massage.”  –Rhea Scherbert, student
  • “I have the innate desire and need to bring health and wellness to those so often overlooked by society.”  -Brett Kammerer, graduate
  • “Someone once helped me when I needed help, so now I look for ways to help others. Let’s keep paying it forward.”  -Shereen Washington, student

There are many students who take the time out of their busy lives to give massages at the East Madison Community Center. The spark is growing in our program. The new students want to know when they can begin volunteering.  I am immensely proud of all those who give time to this wonderful clinic.

For more information on the free massage clinic, click here.

Find your spark and pass it on!

Happiness, Harmony and Hydration!

By: Robin Rinehart, Massage Therapy Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East