Massaging for Free May Help You Get New Clients

massage_2.jpgIn These Times published an article about offering different types of services for free in order to gain exposure. Two of the specific topics discussed were massaging and blogging.

The article explained how the Huffington Post “hires” bloggers to be “citizen journalists” and blog for free for the site and, in return, the writer gains exposure.

According to Alexa Global Traffic Rank, Huffington Post is one of the most popular sites in the U.S. That kind of exposure is virtually unheard of for new journalists, which is why this arrangement works for all parties involved.

The article also mentions how massage therapists are doing something very similar. Huffington Post sponsored a massage retreat at an ongoing convention and had massage therapists massaging attendees for free to gain exposure. While the massage therapists may not be making actual money, they get a chance to enhance technical skills, get hands-on experience with real clients, practice professional communication, among other things. Those are invaluable lessons for new massage therapists.

All of this is strikingly similar to the value that internships and externships provide for massage therapy students. While the classroom can teach the technical skills and training required to become a massage therapist, it’s oftentimes the hands-on experience outside of the classroom that proves to be most important once a graduate enters the real world.

In the same way, applied and service learning projects also afford students the opportunity to gain firsthand experience while also giving back to their communities. Students at Globe University-Woodbury applied their classroom learning to a most useful cause: they provided comfort to patients at Minnesota Oncology.

Globe University-Green Bay massage therapy program students were able to gain experience while providing a much-needed service to a local professional sports team, the Green Bay Blizzard indoor arena football team. Students from the Deep Tissue and Sports Massage course put their classroom skills to real use.