7,000 Trained in Hands-Only CPR™ – And We Helped

medical assisting, hands only CPRThe medical assisting department and six of the medical assisting students at the Globe University-Woodbury campus were honored at the City of Woodbury’s Take Heart Woodbury ceremony for their help in training 7,000 community members in Hands-Only™ CPR.

“I am very proud of how our community responded to the call for participation in the Take Heart Woodbury Hands-Only CPR program,” said the City or Woodbury Mayor, Mary Giuliani Stephens. “We now have more than 10 percent of our community’s population trained to act in case of a sudden cardiac emergency.”

The City of Woodbury’s Public Safety department launched Take Heart Woodbury with the goal to train 7,000 people in our community on Hands-Only™ CPR. The goal of Take Heart Woodbury is to educate people about cardiac arrest and empower members of the community to assist an adult who suddenly collapses.

“The opportunity to train the community in the Take Heart Hands-Only™ CPR was a fantastic experience for me,” said Globe University medical assisting student, Houa Her. “This allowed me to learn Hands-Only CPR myself and I was able teach the Woodbury community. It was an honor to help people learn how to help other people in case of a cardiac arrest or emergency.”

Students Honored at the City of Woodbury’s Take Heart Campaign included:

  • Nula Watson
  • Rochelle Witzel
  • Houa Her
  • Tara Hansen
  • Stephanie McCutcheon
  • Sara Kaszas

medical assisting, hands only CPRHands-Only™ CPR is a simplified method of CPR that requires no mouth-to-mouth breathing. It is a two-step technique that involves calling 911 and pushing hard and fast in the center of the victim’s chest until help arrives.

The City of Woodbury aims to earn a Heart Safe Community designation from Allina Hospitals and Clinics by educating the residents and business owners of Woodbury on Hands-Only™ CPR. The city continues to seek local businesses, churches, schools, and organizations to participate in Take Heart Woodbury. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.