Child Wellness Clinic: CMA Review Class Utilizes Their Skills

Did you see all the children on the Globe University-Madison West campus recently? That was for the CMA Review Child’s Wellness Clinic. Not only does it give our medical assistant students practice working with children using medical tools and conducting a regular checkup routine, it helps children not be afraid of going to the doctor’s office and have their hearing and eyesight tested.

At Globe University, we provide students with plenty of hands-on learning and real-world experience so that graduates are provided with the skills needed for a successful career in the field, and the Child’s Wellness Clinic is just one example.

“Having the Child’s Wellness Clinic here at Globe University was such a great experience and learning opportunity. I really enjoyed working with the children and making them excited to see us,” said Jasmine Schoonover, medical assistant student, who will be starting her externship at Dean Clinic-Lake Delton next quarter. “Also, by having a range of age groups, it made it that much more of a great challenge for myself, and I was able to learn all different children’s needs throughout the exam. I love that we had the chance to experience a ‘real’ clinic setting in preparation for our externship. This makes me that much more excited for my upcoming externship in the fall.”

Another CMA Review student and medical assistant student, Sofia Albis, stated, “I enjoyed how Globe University put together the Child Wellness Clinic. I believe the Child Wellness Clinic day helped me get an idea how it is really in the clinic. It gave me a taste of reality.” Sofia will be starting her externship at UW Hospitals and Clinics next quarter.  “It was a great activity, and I hope in the future more children come to the Child Wellness Clinics.”


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From left to right: Miranda Peterson, Glenda Vasquez, Fiona Wakefield, Sofia Albis, Dan Goplin (instructor and child's wellness clinic coordinator), Tanya Walters, Heather Graham and Jasmine Schoonover