Full Circle: How One College Grad Went Classroom to Clinic, Back Again

Medical Assistant DegreeSometimes running in circles can be a good thing when it produces success AND an opportunity to save lives! That is what a recent medical assistant degree graduate from Globe University found! Her classes, graduation, and career have brought her full circle with a rewarding career that saves lives.

On Nov. 26, 2012, Globe University-Eau Claire campus hosted an American Red Cross blood drive.  With the American Red Cross was Stephanie Moulton, a Globe University graduate who would get the opportunity to put her acquired medical assistant skills to use in the very building where she had learned them.

Medical Assistant DegreeMoulton graduated with an associate degree in medical assisting in March of 2011 and found a position at Mayo Clinic before taking on her current role with the American Red Cross Mobile Unit.

Moulton credits her study of Hematology and Phlebotomy at Globe University as a main contributor to finding employment.  According to Moulton’s supervisor, Travis Adams, “Anyone who has had medical training understands how important it is to follow protocol. Medical terminology is a big hurdle [in finding candidates for the job].”

Medical Assitant DegreeWhen asked about the benefit of hiring a Globe graduate, Adams referred to Moulton as having all of the needed qualities which contribute to her “good work” on the job and being the candidate of choice during the interview process.

As college graduates are faced with the task of finding employment in an ultra-competitive market, students like Stephanie Moulton serve as evidence that training is paramount.  Employers are looking to hire highly skilled workers. The classroom  and hands-on training students receive during the medical assistant degree classes provides an excellent opportunity to sharpen and perfect their skills.

Medical assistant degreeAs Moulton finished her duties at the blood drive, she spoke of her experience at Globe as more personable.

“I have gone to other colleges,” Moulton said. “I like the smaller classes and the one-on-one with the instructors. It made it easy to learn.”