Function and Design Give Globe Students a Better Campus Experience

Globe University-Woodbury has long had a resource center to serve our student needs. Originally, the space was essentially a mini computer lab, with available computers and faculty staffing the room to assist students. While a great concept, the space was underutilized, until Denise Radcliffe, dean of faculty, stepped in to give it a fresh new perspective.

“I had a vision of making it more café like, adding comfortable chairs and free coffee so students would want to spend time in there,” Radcliffe said.

globe university-woodbury, medical assistant program

Medical assistant program student, Priscilla Ramirez, says, “I used it before, for studying, but now I come in here every day. I can meet in here with my friends. I like the free coffee.”

After the changes were completed, faculty began to report that the room seemed to be more heavily used by students. Theresa Faustini is responsible for scheduling the faculty who staff the resource center.

“Not only is the resource center a venue to utilize computers and access a printer, it is also an opportunity for students to engage with each other and a variety of faculty,” Faustini said. “Now with its comfy-cozy new look, it offers a bit of solace from the stresses of collegiate demands—not to mention the fact that it offers a free cup of java!”

Radcliffe adds, “Making this change shows we really do care about our students and providing them a comfortable place for studying, where they can be successful. This demonstrates to our students that they matter.”

If you haven’t visited our newly redesigned resource center in room 200, please stop by and see it for yourself!