Globe University – Madison East Welcomes New Medical Assistant Program Chair

Globe Univesity medical assistant program

Kare Guglielmo is the new medical assistant program chair at Globe University-Madison East

Globe University-Madison East welcomes Kara Guglielmo to the academic leadership team as the new medical assistant program chair. Kara graduated with her medical assistant associate degree from Rasmussen College in Green Bay. She has worked in the health care field since she was 17 years old. She started as a CNA and worked with the elderly and adults, and kids with developmental disabilities and has been a patient advocate for those with developmental disabilities.

Kara has worked in family practice, pediatrics, dermatology, urgent care, gynecology, phlebotomy, research, and has worked with special populations. Her most recent role was as a medical assistant at Group Health in Madison where she had the opportunity to work with some Globe University medical assistant students completing their externships.

Having worked in so many different departments, Kara says her favorite areas were urgent care and cardiology. 

“In urgent care you never knew what you were going to see each day, there were a lot of wounds and some pretty cool allergic reactions sometimes covering the entire body,” Kara says. “While in cardiology you really got to know the patients well and make true connections because they would return time and time again.”

This quarter Kara is teaching Pharmacology and says, “I’m really excited to start my journey with Globe and the medical assistant program!”

Her favorite medical assistant class is Anatomy and Physiology and Kara admits she thinks the kidneys are the coolest organ by far. As medical assistant program chair, Kara is excited about making community connections for the program including meeting with externship sites, employers, and other community partners to set up field trips and guest speakers.

Outside of Globe Kara enjoys spending time with her husband, Anthony, and two sons, Liam and Kaine. They have been involved in foster care and enjoy volunteering at the food pantry and giving back to the community in other ways. 

Please welcome Kara as you see her around campus!