Globe University-Sioux Falls’ Newest Bundle of Joy: Scott Ault

Written by Charlie Buehler, director of admissions 

Good things come to those who wait. All in good time. What is meant to be will be. We have heard these clichés hundreds of times. In the case of Scott Ault, the newest member of the Globe University-Sioux Falls admissions team, those statements came to life. Scott may be new to the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus, but he is certainly not new to the Globe Education Network.

globe university sioux falls

Scott Ault, adult admissions representative

Scott started with our organization in 2008 at our Minnesota School of Business-Richfield campus and moved over to our Globe University-Minneapolis downtown campus in 2010. So the question begs to be asked, “How did he end up in Sioux Falls?”

Referring back to the above mentioned clichés, it all stemmed from an email I received in the late summer of 2012. Scott reached out to me regarding an open position I had on my team. His wife, Nikki, was from the area, and they were exploring their options for a great place to raise their son, Kellen. I was excited to talk to Scott about this opportunity, but soon it became clear it was not going to work out. Things were not quite lining up for his wife’s employment, and they sadly had to give up on the idea of moving.

Fast-forward to February 2014 and again, I get an email from Scott asking if I had any openings on my team. Sadly, I did not. However, Globe University is a family, and we made the decision to make a place for him on the Sioux Falls campus. He, finally, joined us at the beginning of March. Though it was a long journey with many changes along the way, it finally happened, and we welcomed Scott to the team.

globe university sioux falls

Kellen Ault, Scott’s son

I asked Scott what has been the most exciting part about joining the Sioux Falls campus. I assumed he would have said working for me, but alas he did not (I began to question all the work I put in to get him here). He said he was excited to get to work with health sciences students again. The downtown campus did not have health science programs, and he has never had the opportunity to work with a veterinary technology program. Whatever the case, you can certainly feel Scott’s excitement, energy and passion for working with our students each and every day.

The more you (hopefully) get to know Scott, the more you will realize how quirky he really is. So, when I asked him what the most interesting (and unknown to the campus) fact was about him, I did not know what I would get back. Although not totally quirky, it was still interesting!

Scott has driven the same car since 2000 and, on his very first day here at the Sioux Falls campus, it broke down! He said the car had nearly 200,000 miles on it, and that he is now pretty happy with the 40 MPGs he gets out of his new Hyundai. On that topic…you should stop by his cube and ask him to say the name of his car…you’ll laugh for days!

globe university sioux falls

The Ault Family

At the end of the day, our newest admissions representative has a passion for our students, a passion for higher education, and the energy and drive to make a difference. Each day as I see him speeding past my office, I struggle to remember what it was like without him here. Join me in taking this opportunity to welcome Scott Ault to our campus! We hope that his time with us will be a long and fulfilling journey!