How to Build Your Medical Assistant Resume While in School

medical assistant resumeAs you probably know, a resume is an important document for any job seeker. Keeping your resume up-to-date is one way to display to potential employers how you would add value to their organization. A medical assistant resume should highlight your accomplishments, education and experience. Consider the following tips for building a strong medical assistant resume while enrolled in a medical assistant program.

Seek Opportunities for Relevant Experience

Medical assistant students may think that because they are in school and haven’t yet worked in the field that they are unable to gain experience prior to their first job. The reality is, adding experience to a medical assistant resume while enrolled in college is easier than you may think. Much of what you are already expected to do as part of a medical assisting program could be considered relevant experience and should be included on a medical assistant resume.


Some medical assisting programs may incorporate an internship as part of the program curriculum, while other medical assisting programs may leave it at the discretion of the student. An internship can give medical assisting students a chance to directly utilize skills in a way that mimics what they will in a medical assistant position.

Check with the medical assisting program chair or career services department at your college to determine if there are existing relationships with local hospitals, clinics or other healthcare facilities. Those facilities may regularly seek medical assisting students to complete internships.

Applied and Service Learning Projectsmedical assistant resume

Class projects that incorporate an applied or service learning element can be a great piece to add to a medical assistant resume. While enrolled in a medical assistant program, you may participate in short- or long-term projects, partnering with local nonprofit organizations. Applied and service learning projects that medical assistant students complete can include activities ranging from teaching healthy habits to children to providing minor health screenings to fellow students.

In addition to gaining relevant experience, applied and service learning projects can also offer networking opportunities.


Volunteering is another way to gain experiences in the medical field. The skills you are learning as part of a medical assistant program can be directly applied to volunteer opportunities in your community. Many hospitals, clinics and senior living facilities are in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks.

Customer service skills are essential to provide the best care and service to patients. Many volunteer opportunities can help medical assisting students hone non-clinical skills and practice their patient interaction skills.

Get Involved

As a medical assistant student, there are a number of ways to become involved on and off campus. Involvement in industry-related groups can help students learn about trends related to the medical assistant field, network with professionals working in the healthcare industry and participate in events that can enhance a medical assistant resume.

Campus Clubs

Many colleges offer student groups on campus that are geared toward students in healthcare programs, some even specific to medical assistant students. These groups organize different field trips, guest speakers and other resources for medical assistant students to learn more, gain experience and prepare for their careers.

Networking Groups

Becoming active in local networking groups and online networking communities is another way to learn about opportunities to gain experience. Active participation can put you in contact with medical thought leaders and others working in the medical assistant field.

Make a point to meet with a career services advisor at your college throughout your college experience. These individuals can assist you in putting together job search materials, such as a medical assistant resume. They can also help assist you in your job search during and after college.