How to Land a Medical Assistant Job – Persistence Pays Off for this Grad

medical assistant degree

Dawn Tysdal, CMA

Medical assisting degree graduate Dawn Tysdal applied for a medical assistant position with Avera Radiation Oncology group in Sioux Falls. This day marked the beginning of a lengthy, tedious, and somewhat surprising process that Tysdal would have to endure in order to be considered a candidate for the position.

Most students and graduates I encounter believe the job application process is a simple, quick, and efficient process. This myth is often replaced by the reality of quite the opposite experience. Soon, graduates learn that typically the process of applying for job opportunities is more complex and takes an average of 40 days to complete.

Tysdal finally got a call from Avera on December 20 to schedule an interview, after applying to four different positions without so much as a phone call.  “The most frustrating part of the job hunt is the ones that don’t call you at all,” confessed Tysdal.

However, just as the process was getting discouraging, Tysdal received another call the very next day to schedule a second interview.  Things were looking up and seemed to be full steam ahead.

Fast forward to the New Year: 2013.  During the month of January alone, Tysdal interviewed with the clinic manager, three other medical assistants, the nursing staff, and spent a day shadowing the staff with whom she may be working if she landed the position.  Needless to say, on Feb. 6, 2013, after a full two months from the date she submitted her application and after several rounds of ceaseless fortitude, Tysdal received the phone call she had been waiting for:  Avera offered her the MA position which she gladly accepted.

Tysdal admits, “I saw this eight-week-long process until the end because I knew that I wanted this position, and determination was really important.”

Because of her determination, this graduate now has the perfect job – everything she was searching for, from knowledge of the inner details of a clinic to an emphasis in patient care.

medical assistant degree

Globe University-Sioux Falls Early Fall 2012 Graduating Class

Likely, Tysdal’s passion and enthusiasm for the medical field along with her dogged resilience can be attributed to her background in home health care and to her love for challenges.  She currently resides in Montrose, S.D., with her husband and two children.  The medical asstant degree grad focused her sites on Globe University-Sioux Falls after her visit here left her feeling welcomed and impressed with the small class sizes and hands-on learning.

Now a seasoned veteran in the interview process, Tysdal offered these words of advice just in time for winter graduation: “Do the research before you even apply for a job.  Look and see if it would be a position as well as a facility that you would be happy with and know that you can fulfill all of the aspects of what they are expecting from you as an MA.”

Oh, and never give up.

By Ann Kolbrek, Director of Career Services, Globe University-Sioux Falls