How to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

Medical assistant programThree medical assistant program students from Globe University-Eau Claire went to Beautiful Minds Day Care Center to explain to the children how to properly wash their hands. Nicole Lauff, Stephanie Shellenberger, and Kadee West took the children through a variety of experiences to make a lasting impression for the need for proper hand washing to stay healthy.

Kadee West reported, “When we first arrived at the day care, we had all of the kids go outside to do a demonstration using glitter and handshakes to show how easily germs spread (the glitter played the part of the germs).  We had the kids form a line and poured glitter on the leader’s hand, then had the leader shake hands with the person next to hem, and so on down to the end of the line.

Medical Assistant degree“At the end, I felt like the older kids were completely grossed out to see that just having one speck of glitter on their hands can mean that they have thousands of germs from their classmates!  The younger kids just thought it was neat to play with glitter!”

Stephani Shellenberger added,”We then went inside and we had the kids wash their hands like they normally do and then come and sit in a big circle in the room.  We talked to them about proper hand washing techniques, why we should wash, and what could happen if we don’t wash.”

Medical Assistant students

“Glow Germ”!  The students proceeded to put “glow lotion” on the children’s hands. Running a black light over the children’s hands highlighted the dirt and germs that remained after washing them.

The children were then asked to wash their hands for 30 seconds in the way the students instructed them; hands were then rechecked.

“A lot of the kids took pride in how little germs they had on their hands,” stated Kadee.

Additional activities with the children included a story about Soapy the Soap with coloring pages, songs about hand washing, a search and find sheet, and a hand washing sticker chart. The day ended with reviewing hand washing techniques and a personal hand sanitizer.

As the students reflected on the experience, Nicole stated, “[Going to Beautiful Minds] made me feel like I was able to help the children learn how important it is to wash their hands before eating and after using the restroom or just playing outdoors.”

Kadee added, “I don’t believe that hand washing is enforced enough in schools and parents don’t realize what a huge part of protecting their children it really is.  We can get the word out to the younger audiences and show how important and simple washing your hands can be.”

Stephani  added, “I think that all the kids enjoyed the presentation, and learned something!”

Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season!