Job Shadows Spark Passion in Medical Assistant Students

What’s a day in the life of a medical assistant really like? Recently, Globe UniversityMadison East students in the medical assistant program were able to figure out the answer to this question by job shadowing Dean Clinic medical assistants.

Each student shadowed a professional at either the Dean Clinic East or the Dean Clinic Sun Prairie, and they got to choose from various departments including internal medicine, pediatrics and OB/GYN.

“The goal of the experience was to excite new students about what lies ahead for them and give them a true picture of what a medical assistant does on the job,” said Deanna Rego, medical assistant instructor.

medical assistant

Medical assistant students and their instructor, Deanna Rego, discuss their job shadowing experiences.

The experience opened their eyes to all of the various tasks medical assistants complete throughout the day, as well as the different things each individual department has to offer. Although the students only shadowed in one department, they shared and compared their experiences in class.

“During my shadowing experience, I was really surprised to see the entire process of rooming patients, cleaning up and getting materials such as shots prepared,” said Meghan Regali. “Pediatrics is definitely a field I’m interested in!”

“I had a great time at my shadowing experience,” said Ashley Rios. “I learned a lot from the woman I shadowed and can’t wait until I’m an official CMA.”

For many students, the experience strengthened their passion for the profession and the department they are interested in working in some day.

“I learned so much in pediatrics when shadowing,” said Brooke Teberg. “I originally wanted to go into pediatrics, and this experience made it perfectly clear that I still want to.”

Job shadowing will continue to be an assignment in the Introduction to Clinical class so students better understand the true role of a medical assistant early on in program.