Love of Family Influences Medical Career

Sarah Lindner grew up in the small town of Dilworth. In high school, her focus was on golf and choir. When she was in 10th grade, she decided she wanted to go into the medical field, but not sure where. Her grandmother, who had a big influence on her life, had lived with a heart transplant for 19 years. The transplant happened just before Sarah was born. Her grandmother had also been in medicine working with nurses in senior centers.

medical administrative assistantAnother big influence was her brother, Carl, who is a year older than Sarah. With a diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger’s and bipolar disorder, Carl’s influence has been a lifelong learning experience for Sarah. Being the younger sister, she often feels like she needs to be there as a stabilizing force.

Medical reception, medical coding, billing and transcription are all areas that interest Sarah. Her education at Globe University-Moorhead has prepared her to start working in the medical administrative assisting field. She is confident that she can walk into a job and hit the ground running.

As a speaker at graduation, Sarah is excited to be a part of the ceremony. With her speech in hand, she talked about how that experience alone has changed her. As a typically shy and quiet personality, having the opportunity to speak is bringing her out of that shell.

“When I walked into Globe on that first day, I hardly would talk to anyone,” she said. Being at Globe, she took advantage of so many opportunities. Marathon volunteer, president of the Medical Assisting Club, leading fund raisers and being a tutor are among the extra activities Sarah has taken part in during her time at Globe.

“The Global Citizenship class really gave me a taste for volunteering,” Sarah said. “It was a great class and really clicked with me. If I could take that class every quarter, I would!”

She continued, “I loved every minute of my education at Globe. There was not one thing that I didn’t love. I never wanted to be just a face in the crowd. I love that everyone knows my name and sees me as a person at Globe.”

Sarah is going to be a great alumna, as she is already planning to come and help at future campus activities.

Congratulations Sarah!