Something to Shout About: 5 Medical Assistant Program Graduates Land Jobs

Placement: that’s the ultimate goal for all our students at Globe University-Madison West. There is nothing more exciting than to discover that a graduate has landed a job in their focused career field.

Our campus’s medical assistant program recently celebrated one amazing achievement that’s brag worthy—all of the Winter 2014 graduates have landed jobs in their field. All five students who walked across the stage to receive their degree had all accepted a job offer. That’s huge! That’s something to celebrate!

Globe University Graduation

Medical assistant graduates, Kayle Nieuwenhuis, Diane Baillargeon, Nicole Whitfield, Heather Thorson and Helen Williams are all smiles on graduation day!

“I attribute the success of the March grads to the students’ own motivation for success and desire for a medical assistant career,” Dan Goplin, the medical assistant program chair, said. “I also attribute the relationship that Globe West has with local health care facilities and being able to teach the necessary skills that those clinics require. Lastly, I attribute our success to having the rigor at Globe West to accomplish those expectations, not just from the employers that hire our students, but the expectations from our students to get them there.”

So what do our medical assistant graduates have to say about their success? What did they do that made them land their job? What are they looking forward to?  I asked our graduates to share their experience hoping that future graduates learn from them. Here is what four out of the five had to share.

“I ‘landed’ my job by having a great resume, and I had the opportunity to interview and shadow in the department that I was most interested,” Diane Baillargeon, medical assistant at Dean-Fish Hatchery’s Infectious Disease Department, said. “I can’t wait to have a steady paycheck and the job security that the medical field has to offer. My advice to students is to never give up or be discouraged. The right job will be yours if you keep trying! Good luck to everyone.”

“I was lucky enough to be placed at an externship that was looking to hire,” Nicole Whitfield, medical assistant at Dean Clinic-Fish Hatchery, said.  “I put my best foot forward and was offered my current position in internal medicine! My advice to students is to take your externship as your addition to a job. Even if they are not hiring, they can give you a letter of recommendation or even notify you of other openings. My boss has two other departments she oversees and may have offered me a position there as well. Don’t worry that you don’t know everything. They know that we are students and new.”


“After completing CMA Review Seminar, I started my externship at Concentra-West. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I loved it. It didn’t even feel like it was work,” Heather Thorson, medical assistant at Concentra-West, said. “While I was still in the clinic on my externship, I was informed about a job opportunity in the front office. I was very honest and expressed my interest but explained that I would prefer the back office tasks where I could put my skills to use. Some juggling of placement and positions was involved, but ultimately, I was offered a full-time position as a medical assistant. I enjoy what I do and the people I work with. I feel like I make a difference, and I haven’t been this motivated since I joined the Army. Some tips I would give to future medical assistant students is to follow your gut. Being flexible is important but you have to do what makes you happy; finding that balance is probably one of the hardest parts about accepting or declining a job offer.”

“I landed my job by simply applying and knowing how to interview,” Helen Williams, medical assistant at Meriter Wisconsin Heart, said. “I’m looking forward to having weekends off and not working holidays! Honestly I’m most looking forward to working in cardiology. The main tips I can share are apply for more than one job, keep trying until you get the job you feel is the best fit for you, and finally, SMILE!”

Congratulations to all of our graduates who landed a job that they love! We couldn’t be more proud of your success. Lastly, we wanted to acknowledge the fifth medical assistant graduate Kayle Nieuwenhuis who is on her new job as a medical assistant at Meriter Medical Group.