Medical Assistant Students Take the Plunge for Special Olympics

Education brings many benefits to students, and medical assistant students got to add “bravery” to that list. On a recent Saturday, the temperature was 3 degrees, and the plan was to jump into White Bear Lake for what is commonly known as the Polar Plunge.

Cindy Ramirez, Carrie Kittleson, Mai Yang, Priscilla Ramirez and Jenell Casarez at the Polar Plunge

Four medical assistant students, Priscilla Ramirez, Cindy Ramirez, Carrie Kittleson and Mai Yang, along with Medical Assistant instructor Jenell Casarez took the plunge.

All four students are members of the Globe Student Chapter of the American Association of Medical Assistants (GSCAAMA), and Casarez serves as their advisor. The plan was to solicit pledges to raise money for GSCAAMA to donate to the Special Olympics. The goal was to raise $375, but the donations kept coming, and the students ended up raising $450. And all they had to do was jump into an icy lake…

“I was surprised so many of my students were willing to take the plunge. Even for me, I had to keep reminding myself that this is for a good cause. I thought that I might chicken out, especially as it was so cold that day, but my students wouldn’t let me. After the fact, I am glad they didn’t, it was a great experience,” Casarez said. “The Polar Plunge was for a good cause, and it is a cause I hope to do all over again. We are planning on making this an annual event, and these students have said they will continue to participate, even after they graduate!”

Medical assistant student, Carrie Kittleson, GSCAAMA president, said of the event, “People called us crazy, but I say if you believe in something, you do it anyway.”