Nigeria and Back: Our Education Makes a Trip Across the World

Those in the medical assistant program at the Globe University-Wausau campus may be familiar with Dr. Lawal, the significant other to our instructor Jessica Dale, R.N. Even those who don’t know him can recognize him by his smiling face, commending words for the medical assisting field, and of course his accent!

medical assistant program

Dr. Lawal

Dr. Lawal is a Nigeria-born and trained physician; he practiced cardiology for almost two decades in a major teaching hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, before immigrating to the United States and is now a practicing internal medicine specialist with a medical group in our community. His love for medicine, teaching, and sharing his knowledge has often brought him to the Wausau campus as a guest speaker.

Recently, he helped Globe University go global on a trip overseas. Dr. Lawal completed his American Heart Association CPR and basic life support (BLS)  instructor certification with Globe University in Woodbury last spring, and a few months ago traveled to Nigeria to practice what he learned. Dr. Lawal returned to his old teaching hospital in Nigeria and shared his knowledge of medicine and current AHA BLS CPR guidelines with nurses, doctors, and residents there. He made sure the medical director received his pen and lanyard that said Globe University on it after his class!

It was so well received that he will be returning next month to teach another two sessions of AHA BLS CPR. It’s amazing to think that we can reach across the Atlantic Ocean, to other cultures and countries, and to see Globe University’s education truly go global.

Dr. Lawal said when asked about the experience, “You never know where your knowledge will take you. It’s taken me across the world and back several times. Always keep learning and remember, even if you don’t use it now, you never know the day it might be relevant.”

Dr. Lawal expressed his sincere gratitude for the opportunity he had and looks forward to more opportunities to be a guest speaker for our university.

By Jessica Dale, RN, Medical Assistant faculty, Globe University-Wausau